Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This armored giant roams the rocky planes of South Rhea, often in herds of fifty or more. They feed on any and all vegetation they come across, and are extremely adept at finding plants thanks to their highly-developed snout. Stores of nutrients are kept in three specialized reserve pods on the top of the skull, which comes in handy during the dry season. They communicate by a complicated series of stomps, which can be felt through the ground at impressive distances.

Because the eyes protrude directly off either side of the Sphero's head, it has a considerable blind spot directly in front of it. If confronted with one of these beasts, it is best to attempt to stay motionless in this blind spot and hope for the best.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Narapthian Unucorn

Native to the highlands of Narapth, the Unducorn is possibly one of the rarest creatures on Gliese 581 g.  Unocorn foals are born with strikingly blue skin which fades to gray after the first few months of life. This is generally thought to be an evolutionary defensive mechanism, as many of the larger predators in Narapth are unable to perceive the color blue.

It is rumored that the horn has extra-sensory properties that allows the animal to anticipate the near future, but scarcity of specimens and lack of research makes such claims difficult to confirm.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


This cryptic creature spends its entire life hanging from the top-most branches of Farian trees. Being parasitic entities, they attach two suction-like extremities to the nearest tree limb at the moment of birth. Each of these suctions allows the creatures to leech nutrients from the tree without seriously harming it.

There are no known predators to Harents, and even when one dies and drops to the ground below scavengers don't touch it. The fact that they give off a strong aroma of fermenting potatoes may contribute to this.